D-Max Pick-up


The new generation ISUZU D-MAX design has been evolved to the perfect equilibrium dimensions, reflecting the absolute power and smart design beyond the present time which came from the needs of pickup truck users around the world.
The ISUZU designer team had put up on long hours of designing and testing, tried in several wind tunnels around the world, especially the wind tunnel at “Japan Railway Technical Research Institute” which is the wind tunnel used for testing the famous bullet train, to have the “All New ISUZU D-MAX” as the best aerodynamic and most quiet pickup truck. That will also increase fuel efficiency and give more sensible driving which will be perfectly respond to every needs.

All New Exterior!

The sporty exterior of the new generation ISUZU D-Max has the perfect proportion - The lines flow from the front to the rear of the vehicle reflects the restless movement even when it stands still & an aggressive form - Wedge-shape and muscular fender design gives the new D-Max a strong athletic appearance
Projector headlamp
To express sporty design, the new generation ISUZU D-MAX has the projector headlamp, which makes distinctive in every maneuver with different feelings between day and night.
New exterior profiles worth mentioning in the new generation Isuzu D Max are:.
•15-inch and16-inch wheels
•Side Steps
•New side mirror design
•LED turning signal lights in chrome side mirror.

All New Interior!

Open into the passenger cabin, the atmosphere is surrounded with warm, elegance and safety for people of the world with DELUXE CAPSULE interior design that fits every life style.

Interior Design Criteria 
3 main design criteria behind the development of the luxurious interior design are

Comfort - Quiet and Spacious interior ,
Easy to use - All the equipment is located in just the right position, makes easy to find and easy to use
Choice of use - Occupants have many choices on how to utilise the cabin interior features.

Crew Cab: The All New ISUZU D-MAX Crew Cab’s wider, longer cabin offers more space and comfort to rear seat occupants than ever before. The distance between the rear door opening and the rear seat occupant’s hip point has been increased to 495mm (precious 460mm), for improved entry and exit.


The All New ISUZU D-MAX comes from a lineage of the world’s toughest, most reliable trucks. Almost a century of truck manufacturing DNA has gone into the All New ISUZU D-MAX to deliver a pickup that truly redefines the category.
ISUZU proudly presents renowned Engine, Transmission, Suspension and Chassis with this superior truck manufacturing DNA.

All New Engine! -Designed with superior know-how that has seen over 23 million ISUZU diesel engines sold worldwide-
As the world class leader of Diesel engine technology, there are 3 Diesel engine in the market in order to answer all the needs of Pick-up users. Currently, there are the 4JA1-L 2.5litre direct injection engine which has earned a reputation for excellent fuel efficiency and uncompromising durability. Also, 4JJ1-TC 3.0litre common-rail engine with flat torque performance, lots of acceleration at highway speed and off road performance. Now, New ISUZU D-MAX is introducing new 4JK1-TC 2.5litre common-rail engine into the market.

All New Transmission!
5 Speed Automatic transmission with sequential shift
The new 5-speed Automatic has a driver select sequential shift for increased driver pleasure and vehicle operational flexibility, resulting in lower fuel consumption.

All New Chassis and Suspension!
With a new evolution of suspension system to genuine off road, same as high class SUVs, All New ISUZU D-MAX can go in to every road condition but still comfortably driving in ISUZU style.

Longer, Wider and Stronger Chassis ever To increase stability, both on and off road, All New ISUZU D-MAX chassis became wider and longer than the previous model. The longer wheelbase improves the ride and handling characteristics, which increases occupant comfort as well as safety.
Not only longer and wider the Chassis became. The Chassis of All New ISUZU D-MAX became stronger than the previous model. The chassis side rails have increased the dimension significantly, resulting in a stronger chassis than the already outstandingly strong previous model chassis.

Longer Wheel Base
The longer wheelbase of the new D-Max improves the ride and handling characteristic by reducing the tendency to “pitch” (backward and forward rocking motion) when driving at highway speeds, as well as increasing the directional stability, making driving the new D-Max more pleasurable.
A longer wheelbase also allows for more cabin space for increased occupant comfort, and longer pickup bodies for increased load space.

Wider Wheel Track
To improve vehicle stability, All New ISUZU D-MAX has wider sheel track. This is evident when travelling at highway speeds, especially when lane changing or cornering. What's more, it greatly improves off-road stability. And of course, in addition it also provides increased cabin space for improved occupant comfort.

Double Wishbone Coil Spring Front Suspension
The All New ISUZU D-MAX is now equipped with independent, double wishbone, coil spring over gas shock absorber front suspension for both 2WD and 4WD models. This new front suspension configuration combines passenger car ride quality with excellent road holding. On 4WD models, the long coil springs soak up the bumps encountered when travelling off-road, for increased stability, occupant comfort and load protection.


At ISUZU, Isuzu D-MAX reaps the benefits of Isuzu’s safety policy: “Safety is our priority”. There are dual front airbags with pre-tensioning seatbelts, an energy absorbing nose section, and side impact anti-intrusion bars. A newly engineered cabin shell constructed from high tensile steel for increased strength and rigidity gives even greater safety to all passengers. You’ll also have the extra assurance of Antilock Brake System (ABS) with Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD) and Brake Assist (BA) not to mention new projector headlamps and LED rear combination-lamps for maximum visibility. Drive with confidence knowing that the all new ISUZU D-MAX is our safety pick-up yet.

Pre-tensioning Seatbelts
Pre-tensioning seatbelts are designed to rapidly pull the seatbelt back in the advent of airbag activation. The belt-force limiter equipped in the seat belt is designed to calculate the pressure exerted by the seatbelt pre-tensioner’s action and stop the pre-tensioner from pulling the seatbelt when a pre-determined pressure is exerted by the seatbelt upon the occupant’s chest. Pre-tensioning seatbelts with belt-force limiters help to reduce the level of injury that can occur to the occupants during a severe collision

Energy Absorbing Bonnet (Engine Hood)
The new D-Max is equipped with a pedestrian impact absorbing bonnet (engine hood) design which greatly reduces the risk of injuries sustained by a pedestrian in the event of pedestrian impact. The bonnet frame is constructed so as to reduce injuries by absorbing the impacted weight of a pedestrian. This feature is further enhanced by the bonnet rests, which are designed as crumple boxes. If the bonnet is impacted by a pedestrian, these crumple boxes absorb the impact energy by crumpling, or collapsing, thus greatly reducing the risk of injuries to a pedestrian.

Larger Brakes
The front disc brakes on the new D-Max 4WD and High Ride models has an increase in rotor diameter to 300 mm, up from 280 mm on the previous model. Together with large 10.5 inch vacuum booster, it enables to maximize the brake performance.

LED Rear Combination Lamps
Very large rear combination lamp clusters ensure that the new D-Max provides outstanding vehicle visibility to other road users. For High Specification models, the rear lamp clusters incorporate Light Emitting Diodes (LED) for brake and tail lamps.

Collapsible Steering Column / Collapsible Brake Pedal
The new D-Max is equipped with a new design collapsible steering column, designed to further reduce chest injuries that could occur in the advent of a serious frontal impact. The new design collapsible brake pedal will fold the brake pedal towards the floor in the event of a serious frontal impact. This helps to prevent serious lower leg injuries to the driver if their foot is firmly pressing upon the brake pedal in a serious frontal impact.


ALL-NEW ISUZU D-MAX is produced to be durable for any kind of work. It is well known for its world class durability. As the leader in commercial trucks, ISUZU is ready to hold on to its reputation. Begin with testing All New ISUZU D-MAX in the lab that can simulate the environment of climate and barometric pressure as in more than 120 countries around the world to field test by harshly using it around the world for a distance of 4 million kilometers or 100 laps around the world.