A3 reflects the strategic transformation of Chery as a brand. Based on the modern trends and techniques prevailing in Europe as well as the advanced technology to keep pace with the global demands, it is a refined family sedan aiming especially at the young and fashionable customers. A3 enjoys dynamic and fashionable appearance, and perfectly integrates wide body and elegant European style interior trimmings. It comes with the independently developed ACTECO engine that is efficient and energy-saving. Its high quality chassis and 4-link rear suspension system ensure great driving comfort and manoeuvrability. Moreover, designed in strict accordance with the five-star impact safety standards, A3 is mostly made of high strength steel sheet and features the leading ESP (Electronic Stability Program), combining both the active safety and passive safety.

The front face of A3 sedan, with integral U-shaped design, extends to the engine hood line making it look sporty and luxurious. The front face, with integral U-shaped design, extends to the engine hood line, sporty and luxurious.
The uniquely hidden rear door handle and effect of imitating two-door hatchback follow the European fashion closely. It contrasts finely with the headlamp and combines with the tail line organically.

A3 is equipped with automatic constant-temperature air conditioning system, advanced aAutomatic constant-temperature air conditioning system
utomatic lighting system and a high quality audio system with FM/AM radio and CD changer.